Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Here's an easy journal to make.

Purchase from Michaels Craft store this $1.00 journal.

Add contrasting stickers along the bottom.

Tie on coordinating ribbon along the spiral binding.

In church last week, a darling newly returned sister talked about miracles and how she created a simple miracle journal to document all the miracles she saw while on her mission. I loved the idea and have been looking up the scriptures that talk about miracles and recording them in the front of this journal. Next, I hope to fill the journal with the miracles I see.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

3rd place

On Saturday, I ran in the American Diabetes race by the U of U Research Park.
It was a windy, stormy morning .
The best part was I came in Third place for my age group...
Mike thought I should wear my metal to church on Sunday.
Sorry, the ribbon didn't match my Easter dress.
I may be slow but it really was exciting to finally place!
My new goal is to keep running until I'm 60...
(I've noticed not many women who are that age still run... maybe by then, I'll win the race! )

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oil Painting & Easy Salsa

Every since I was little, I have loved being creative. My mother encouraged my sister and I to sew our own Barbie doll clothes, furniture and even a cardboard Barbie house. Mom had plenty of artistic supplies for us to create these items with: a couple of closets seriously full of fabric, tins filled with beads and one with all shapes and sizes of buttons.
I love to oil paint - (Here's my first portrait....I finished her in March. I'm taking a fun class teaching me to paint portraits on Thursday nights.) No, I don't know who the person is, I was suppose to paint someone I did not know.

Yummy Salsa Tip:
Here's a fun way to make yummy salsa. Purchase your favorite salsa from the store (we like the fresh salsa that you get in the produce area)...add 1 can of tomato sauce to about 1/2 cup of the salsa. Warm the salsa in a small sauce pan, pour into a bowl..and enjoy with your favorite tortilla chips.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Thursday night after book club, I picked Amy up from the airport. She came home for Conference weekend. She really just wanted to hang out with all of her friends...and see her family. Friday night Sue, Garry and Kirk (Mike's sister's family) came for a few nights. Our adorable nephew, Kirk got his mission call to Cape Coast Ghana on Friday. We are so excited for him. Our adorable nephew, Michael, spent Saturday night with us too. Today we had 10 people for dinner between the conference sessions.

Monday night my brother, David, and his family are coming for a couple nights. This Saturday afternoon Andrea gets to come home for the next two weekends. She gets to work in Utah for the week. Mike's Candrian cousins are coming to visit Utah for the first time the first of May. We are so excited to show them around. I really like company!