Sunday, June 28, 2009

The next gereration

Matt and Tiffany were in Utah this past weekend.
We were delighted to visit with them on Saturday.
They introduced their baby to us...
the next generation of Candrian's.
She's just three months old and is absolutely adorable!
We really enjoyed meeting her, thank you for coming.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Michael Jeppesen

Just a few thoughts about our adorable nephew, Michael Jeppesen...he is leaving next week for a two year mission to Richmond, Virginia. On Sunday, he spoke in church. Mike & I had the privage of going to hear him. (We drove up to Sugar City, Idaho and back on Sunday...good thing I had a good book to read.) He spoke about two conference talks which dealt with adversity...and tied in Joseph Wirthlin's talk about, "Come what may, and love it!" He did great! We hope he enjoys this week and BYU finals.

First Place

I honestly thought I'd be 60 before I'd come in FIRST (in my age division) but on Saturday, Mike & I both ran in the Judges run for more info go to: (the proceeds were for breast cancer research). We got up at around 6:15 a.m. and were at Highland High School by 7...we parked near the finish line, which was around 3/4 a mile away and walked back to the high school...then ran around the perimeter of Sugar House Park, back to the high school, up 2100 South, north at 1500 East and over to 1700 South for our 5 k. Mike with his amazing long legs actually finished a little over 5 minutes faster than me. He finished 3rd for his age group... but imagine my delight when I saw that my name was in first place ! We had two funerals to attend that same day but this was one awards ceremony I wasn't going to miss. (One of my children asked if I was the only one in my age, I finished faster than 7 other women my age, I was the 88th finisher but Mike finished 41st! He's really amazing and so cute!).
I really love that women my age don't run as fast as the men do...and I'm okay with that fact.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wow, what a tour!

Sunday night Mike & I got home from another DC trip. We enjoyed being with our children...except Amy who's on her own work adventure in Botswana (luckily, we did get to chat with her using Rob's laptop & it was great to hear her voice!) We really missed her!
My favorite tour ever was arranged by Brittany to view the upper dome of the capital. WOW! The views and the art work were amazing. Thank you Brittany! Connections make life very interesting. Did you know that one of the medallions opens up like a hatch and you can look at the floor below? (see the middle photo). We joked about the 300 stairs we took to get to the top of this building. We were so grateful it stopped raining...the views of the city were really clear.