Sunday, April 26, 2015

Our Tennessee Baby

A little over five weeks ago, I flew home from taking care of these little ones while my middle daughter recouped from having our newest grandson.

We've now got 5 grandsons and 4 granddaughters and this week we learned that one more granddaughter will bless our family at the end of the summer. When my daughter told me the news, she said they were just trying to keep our stats even.  How very blessed I'm feeling as I write this update.

Today, I'll get the privilege of seeing this baby blessed in church surrounded by his father, grandfather and uncle. What a blessing the church is in my life and airlines, yes, airlines because without them, I'd have a harder time being so far away for these cute little ones.  I'm so grateful that this modern machine can fly me to all the places my loved ones live!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Food Okinawa Style

Food in Japan was really delicious.  The restaurant below is right outside Chatan and is called Four Seasons. It reminds me of Benihana Restaurant‎ in Salt Lake because they cook all your food on a hot grill right in front of your group.  This type of cooking even entertained our three year old grandson. We sampled each others entree and the chicken dish was a favorite.

Gajumaru otherwise known as The Treehouse Restaurant in Naha was also a fun place to eat. The tree shape isn't from lumber but from a lot of concrete which is what most of this island's architecture is made out of.  The views from the top floor of this restaurant are of the Naha harbor and are pretty amazing.  We each had a good lunch starting with a Japanese salad bar and all you could drink basic beverages. 

Sam's By-The-Sea has a view of The Nakagusuku Bay (1-41-15 AwaseOkinawa 904-2172Okinawa Prefecture) had really good food.  One of our favorite things was the curry soup.  This crazy skull head was given to our grandson filled with his drink from the children's menu.  I personally thought it was creepy.

One restaurant not far from Kadena my daughter and I enjoyed was really unique. You ordered your meal from a vending machine located at the entrance and then the meal was brought to your table. My husband didn't like it because he said it was soup and it was really deluxe ramen and delicious!

One word of advice before you go to Japan is to learn to eat with chop sticks.  My husband and I have never eaten with those hand tools and our meals out were quite a challenge! The only restaurant that had silverware was Sam's By-the-Sea.