Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Break - Oregon to Knoxville

Two of my brothers - Karl & Lester

After work on Friday the 6th, Mike and I and flew to Portland for a quick - about 36 hour - stay in my home state. 

Just enough time for a Thatcher family activity mainly my niece, Kristen's wedding. 

Funny John!
Saturday morning, while Les made us waffles, I took a morning run from Lester's house to my old neighborhood 4.4 miles round trip to be exact.  Talk about memories - The air was moist, moss clings to the overpasses and trees, spring flowers were blooming, squirrels running up trees, a little road kill - maybe a possum...the old ice skating rink is now a Winco...the shop that had wonderful soft ice cream is a audio repair store - the building that housed the dance studio and shoe store where my Mother bought our Buster Brown saddle shoes for grade school is still there but both businesses are gone. The old neighborhood looked so empty... 
- I pictured long forgotten neighbors, friends, riding my bike on 108th Street, rollerskating on "the bumpy road" but when I saw the house I grew up in, I got choked up and quickly turned around and ran back to Lester's house.  How did that house get so small?

The Bride - Kristin
On the way to the wedding, the sky was clear and downtown Portland was beautiful with an amazing view of Mt. Hood!  Lester let me read his life story as we drove the two hours to Otis. Since he was 15 the year I was born, I learned a lot about my oldest brother. I realized I was only 3 years old when he left on his LDS Mission to Japan & Korea.
Maret and Kelsey

Karl and Kim's place is like a resort up in the mountains.  I love the look of Oregon forests.  The trees are tall, green and proud.  The wedding was lovely.  It was good to spend time with my family.

On Easter Sunday, we attended church with Lester & Marsha.  The same chorister from my childhood was still leading the music!  She looked amazing.  After sacrament, we went to the airport for our second part of our trip -


I spent a week in Knoxville helping Brittany and Brian with their new baby. Our little 2 year old grandson loved having his Grandpa to play with but came back from the airport on Wednesday a sad little boy after dropping Mike off.  

Our newest granddaughter is absolutely beautiful!  Luckily, her big brother is very gentle and kind to her.  It's very adorable how he asks if he can kiss her.  On Sunday, late afternoon, I flew home - exhausted!

Hiding with Grandpa