Monday, June 23, 2014

Our 4th Granddaughter

Here are some photos from my trip to Illinois:
Dr. Jazz's Soda Fountain and Grill in Lebanon, Illinois a circa 1900's fountain - Amy is 9+ months pregnant in this photo.
Saturday playing at a water park not far from Amy and John's house.
 Just look at that face - does my grandson look like he's having fun?  
Playing with the stick pony I made for him.  For detailed instructions on how to make your own stick pony and additional photos of my grandson playing with his pony, go HERE.  

I did not know that this lake plus one more are in the next neighborhood over from Amy's home.  Preston loved chasing the Canadian geese into someone's backyard!  These photos were taken on the first night I spent alone with this little boy...while we anxiously awaited the birth of his sister.  He was so good for me but kept asking where Mommy and Daddy were.
Preston couldn't figure out why the ducks took off, I'm sure he thought they were his friends!  He's such a friendly little boy.
Meeting the newest addition to our family.  When Amy asked her two year old if Grandma could hold her, he authoritatively announced "NO"!  I did get a turn holding her as you'll see below. 
I prayed at least twice daily that this little girl would be a happy baby & thank goodness; she was so peaceful. I also prayed that her brother would be gentle with her and love her.  I'm here to tell you that prayers are answered and I feel so grateful and blessed!  Her big brother even shared his blanket with her.  It was so sweet but then he tried to lay his head on her...oops - not such a good idea.
Discovering mushrooms growing in a tree and exploring the field at the end of his street.
More photos of this adventure can be found HERE.

This is a beautiful park in St Louis called Forest Park.  After church, Amy & John took me for a drive into the city so I could see this.  I'm planning on going again on my next trip - I want to try the paddle boats and see the art museum. 

American shirt I made for this boy - for more photos of this boy and beautiful park go HERE.
I left my phone on Amy's ottoman and her two year old snapped at least 50 photos of his mom, the floor, ceiling...etc.  He also managed to turn on my phone's flashlight, which I did not even remember that I had on my phone!  Look how amazing my daughter looks - this photo was taken only five days after she had her it to the first photos & you'll be impressed too.

I really enjoyed my trip to Illinois. I enjoyed being able to meet my granddaughter when she was about six hours old.  I also enjoyed the time I got to spend with Amy, John and my energetic little grandson.  I'm also excited that my husband purchased us tickets to fly back for our granddaughter's baby blessing at church in a few weeks!  I'm so grateful for airlines that get me to my children's families!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Bird Watching and Babies

The Sunday night before Amy had her baby, she and John took Preston for a walk.  It was quiet in their backyard and I sat on the nice covered swing that John had erected and did a little bird watching. I also snapped a few photos of this mother bird feeding her babies:

This nest was built on top of a metal box on the side of their home.

Not more than two days later, these birds had left their nest.  Sometimes, I feel a little like this, 
that it was only yesterday that I was feeding my babies and now they've all flown far away!