Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lorene Park, Portland, Oregon

Last Sunday, before we boarded our plane to fly back home to Utah, Mike drove me by my old neighborhood. The brick pillar is the first sign which indicated where to turn into my old childhood neighborhood; off of Glisan onto 108th Avenue in Portland, Oregon. This pillar is where the children from my neighborhood lined-up to catch the bus for school, we'd have races to the pillars and other games were played around the pillar. The neighborhood looked like it had shrunk. Is that possible or are my memories bigger than life? The old house had changed so much, it didn't look like my home. I shed a few tears. Good thing Mike understood how I was feeling. What are the signs you think of when you think about the home you grew-up in?

My parents moved into Lorene Park in 1954, the year my older sister was born. I remember Mom stating that the neighborhood use to be a peach orchard.  


  1. Oreo....I miss coming home and not having him there, after all these years, he's still missed!

  2. Calling Grandma as soon as I would get home and seeing Oreo in the window at the front door. I miss both of those things.

  3. Why didn't you post a pic of your old house? I want to see it!

    Sadly, the "signs" that I know we've arrived in our old neighborhood are the unkept houses that line the entrance--yuck!